About Me

As a writer, I have a passion for crafting interesting stories.  I 've always considered this the fun part.

However, when I started an intercollegiate newspaper in Pennsylvania's Leigh Valley, I soon realized that to keep the paper going, I needed to know a lot more than how to write. Design, circulation, advertising, printing, and production were just as important. 

Following college, I landed my first job selling advertising for Good Housekeeping magazine in Manhattan, where I walked to most of my appointments as an advertising account manager. This experience gave me a keen eye for what resonates with different audiences and how to present the magazine's ability to communicate brand messages effectively.

As digital outlets expanded, I learned search engine marketing and digital advertising. It was not always fun but necessary.

I never lost my desire to write, however, and I've fiction writing, commercial writing and part of book groups ever since.

Today, I bring a unique blend of experience to my clients, combining a deep love and understanding for storytelling and a realistic view of what it takes to make a story stand out in the digital age. That's what makes it interesting for me, if not fun!