The Test Spin (Sample fiction - Read time 17 minutes)

One morning, there was a knock at my apartment door surprisingly early. It was Adam, and he wanted to take me for a ride in the car he’d been working on.  He said he couldn’t wait any longer or listen to anymore of my doubts. He was certain one ride would prove his invention worked, and we wouldn’t have to wait any longer to start our business. I wiped some sand out of my eyes, realizing I didn’t have plans, except a vague thought of asking a pretty college student from India that lived across the street if she wanted to take a ride in my car out to the New Jersey Balloon Festival an hour away. The landlady that rented me my apartment in Edison was an older, heavy, pale-skinned Irish woman with stiff curly blonde hair and big round glasses. She hinted that it would be nice to get more of “my kind” into her apartment complex, but it wasn’t till after I moved in that I noticed that she must have meant the white kind because the majority of residents in my apartment complex were from I…

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