The birth of boomer selfishness

Some call the early eighties the birth of boomer selfishness. I've spent more than thirty-six months writing about that long ago period, 35 years Before Trump Was President (BTWP). I think it's important to look at now because our president and many others it seems are still stuck in a worldview born in the early 80s. In my fiction writing, perhaps what demonstrates the callousness of the period but also its attraction is a scene from my yet-to-be-published-maybe-someday-it-will novel where the main character comes into Manhattan from New Jersey to meet a potential financier. Sean wants to make money. He's not living in his dream apartment in Manhattan; instead, he lives in a broken down apartment in Edison, New Jersey. But there's hope if only he can convince his best friend from college, Adam, to embrace the idea of using his invention for the military rather than cars. He's certain it will immediately get bankrolled and make them rich. Their disagreement is a…

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