The birth of boomer selfishness

Consider the year 35 BTWP (Before Trump Was President): a world view is born that encourages people to go to almost any extent to make money despite lasting, disastrous consequences. In my fiction writing, perhaps what demonstrates the callousness of the period but also its attraction is a scene from my yet-to-be-published novel where the main character goes into Manhattan from New Jersey to meet a potential financier.
The Birth of Boomer Selfishness in Deemed Responsible  (read time 45 minutes)
I had no idea what Irwin planned to tell Adam. All I knew was that if my part of the plan was to deliver him to the banquet early, compared to convincing him to let us pursue the military with his invention, mine was an easy task. I didn’t want to f#%k it up. I was still thinking this when Irwin got out of a cab and came through the doors of the hotel. I watched him as he put his hand on Adam’s shoulder and said, “So, you’ve got him completely sold.” Adam turned his head and looked at me. “Wh…

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